Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Liberty Oilfield Services is a premier hydraulic fracturing services company.  Our professional team of well-trained, highly experienced individuals, combined with our proprietary technology and robust inventory of state-of-the-art equipment, optimizes production results at reduced costs for our valued clients. Our passion and dedication to deliver industry-leading results is only matched by our unsurpassed commitment to health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) standards. From the Permian Basin to the DJ Basin, Williston Basin and Powder River Basin, we provide customer-focused service in a flexible, safe and consistent manner.  Our  fleets offer the latest innovations in custom fluid systems, perforating strategies and pressure analysis techniques.

Liberty’s emphasis on data analytics is deployed during job execution through the use of real-time feedback on variables that maximizes customer returns by improving cost-effective hydraulic fracturing operations. The attention to detail results in faster well completions, limited downtime and enhanced production results for our customers.

While Liberty’s key competitive advantages are many in number, none are more important than our people. 

Our deeply-rooted, employee-centered culture and reputation for safety has enabled us to obtain projects from industry leaders with some of the most demanding safety and operational requirements. Our highly trained, experienced and motivated employees are critical to delivering our hydraulic fracturing services. Taking care of our employees is our top priority. We continually invest in hiring, training and retaining the best and brightest individuals in our field. This is evidenced by our low turnover rate.  Year-after-year, Liberty Oilfield Services' employee turnover rates are substantially lower than that of our primary competitors. We focus on individual contributions and team success to foster a culture built around operational excellence and superior safety. As a result, we are among the safest service providers in the industry with a constant focus on health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) performance and service quality.



Offering the latest innovative solutions in custom fluid systems, perforating strategies and pressure analysis techniques, Liberty has the solution your frac job requires in the most active basins in the United States.


Demanding tasks require innovative solutions. With Liberty’s client-driven input, highly experienced staff and propriety technology and databases, you’re always ensured to get the right perspective and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Implementation of improved processes and advanced technologies throughout Liberty's operations is driving increased efficiencies and savings for our valued customers.  Faster well completions, limited downtime and improved production performance are just some of the benefits our customers can expect from Liberty's highly flexible and scalable platform.

When you have the best people you win. Liberty has the best people

Chris Wright, Founder and CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services