Liberty releases Williston Basin Frac Trends™ Viewer

Liberty releases the most versatile online viewer of public well completion, petrophysical and production data in our industry. Do you want to know what your operating neighbors are doing? Why an operator has better wells in a specific area? How an operator has changed their frac design over the years? What the 20% best-producing wells in an area have in common? Liberty’s Frac Trends Viewer can help answer these questions, and many more.

The Frac Trends Viewer is available for the Williston Basin now, with viewers for the DJ and PRB to follow soon. The viewer provides error-checked State and FracFocus visualization from thousands of wells and allows you to select from dozens of production metrics while slicing & dicing the data using numerous filters.

Liberty covers the nominal license fee to Tableau Online and makes this viewer available free of charge for Liberty customers. Request access to Liberty’s Frac Trends Viewer here.