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Liberty Efficiency Savings

Pad wells
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3rd Party Service Cost
Net Oil Revenue
IP Production Rate bopd
Approx Completion Cost
  "The Others" Liberty's +25% Throughput*
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Liberty Savings  
% Savings for Your Pad  

* Average of Liberty-driven efficiency gains for customers in Williston and DJ

Liberty Oilfield Services provides expertise regarding fracture growth behavior and its impact on production performance, acquired through a pursuit of real-data analysis and decades of experience with calibrated fracture growth and reservoir modeling.

Liberty’s frac designs focus on how we can help our customers make better wells for less.  We consider many factors such as rock mechanics, wellbore design, fluid dynamics and chemistry, past observations of fracture growth behavior from fracture mapping and net pressure history matching, production response in neighboring wells, and the overall requirements for the reservoir for the desired proppant conductivity and placement.

Liberty Oilfield Services can help you to:

  • Evaluate completion and production trends in a specific area using one of our extensive databases for US liquid-rich basins in conjunction with detailed multi-variate analysis.  This provides a useful “big picture” starting point for any frac design. 

  • Review past frac experience to determine critical design issues, problem areas, additional data requirements, and develop a frac design generating a reduction in $/BOE.

  • Assist in the coordination and evaluation of laboratory and field tests required to support the stimulation program.

  • Perform analysis of diagnostic data (DFIT’s, mini-frac and other injections) to obtain basic analysis anchor points and to help estimate achieved fracture dimensions.

  • Conduct fracture model calibration that ties in directly measured fracture dimensions with net pressure history matching, to provide a fracture design tool that is tied to real measurements.

  • Perform production data analysis and reservoir modeling. Evaluate and reconcile well production response and evaluate production sensitivities to frac design and wellbore placement changes.

At Liberty we live to frac, and frac efficiently.  To ensure efficient operations and maximization of pump time versus downtime, Liberty is on the forefront of operational and equipment innovation.  We have a strong focus on safely improving efficiencies through our more experienced personnel and redundancies in backup equipment.

While our frac design expertise helps making you better wells, Liberty Oilfield Services superior service quality helps to bring your well on production faster.


  • Experienced and trained oilfield personnel deliver predictable well performance and who are happy to be on your location.  We are an employer of choice, providing us with more experienced employees, higher service quality and a better safety track record.
  • High quality and state of the art equipment, including:
    • ​Warehouse trailer and other redundancies that help reduce downtime
    • Dual fuel HHP units that reduce fuel
    • Iron trailer designed by frac crews, providing significant improvements in rig-up and rig-down times
  • Trend-setting technologies, including:
    • ​Boxed proppant solution – PropX, which helps reduce dust, noise and truck traffic
    • Liberty’s unique proppant quality assessment, providing an estimate of conductivity against proppant vendor data on all types of proppant pumped in a well, as well as live mesh distribution check on all
    • Liberty Quiet Fleet™, which are designed for urban areas to dramatically reduce noise
    • LIBERTY SPIRIT™ fluid system, which allows cost savings through placement of more proppant with less gel in environments where gel is needed
    • Liberty-tested Vorteq missile, increase runtime and reduce maintenance cost by rerouting the proppant laden fluid away from the high-pressure pumps
    • Liberty SonicStrap, providing continuous and more accurate strapping to lower chemical variances for all

Liberty is providing a new technical perspective to unconventional completions. We have helped our customers to improve production using our unique insights in fracture growth behavior in unconventional resource plays through our extensive fracture mapping and fracture analysis experience.

In ultra-low permeability shale gas reservoirs like the Barnett Shale low-viscosity slickwater treatments encouraged complex fracture growth, the key to economic shale development. In liquid-rich formations we are not always so lucky. Creating fracture complexity is not always easy and often driven by the nature of the completion. In addition, the higher-permeability unconventional plays often require sufficient conductivity as well as fracture complexity.

Liberty recognizes there are no silver bullets to maximize production in any particular unconventional play. We let the data speak to us to come up with the best design for every play. Liberty can provide you with the following “big picture” completion data evaluation tools:

  • Liberty Frac Trends
    • Liberty continuously mines and double-checks completion and production data available in the public domain, and brings this all together in a versatile data viewer that allows for super-flexible filtering and cross-plotting to help understand completion trends and their impact on production. We publish these basin frac trends for every liquid-rich basin in the US in an online viewer. Request Access to Liberty Frac Trends.

  • Liberty Fraconomics
    • Liberty conducts multi-variate analysis (MVA) to evaluate the true impact of completion changes. Where Liberty Frac Trends provides simple bi-variate analysis comparisons, the true impact of completion parameters on production can only be revealed through statistical analysis. We publish these basin Fraconomics for every liquid-rich basin in the US on a regular basis and can customize this analysis for your requested area of interest. Request Your Fraconomics Analysis.

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