Liberty Oilfield Services

Liberty is an innovative service company providing stimulation services to optimize well production. We focus on offering safe, efficient and high quality hydraulic fracturing and engineering services, aiming to become the vendor of choice.  Our goal is to provide frac design and execution with a real-data focus to optimize field development and improve production enhancement strategies for our clients. Our goal is simple: Be the Best Damn Frac Company Period.

Latest News

April 15, 2021

Liberty President, Ron Gusek, gives an overview of the environmental image movement and ESG reporting. He said they will be releasing their first ESG report in May, which is a first for their company. The energy industry in transition is discussed in detail from a variety of perspectives. Gusek talks North Face, pandemic, shareholder responsibility and public relations in oil and gas. The interview segways into a discussion on “intangible” versus “tangible”. Traditionally the energy industry has been a very tangible industry with a commodity-based supply chain pricing. Today as intellectual workers, public relations and other intangibles enter the day-to-day…

March 22, 2021

Denver Business Journal’s, Greg Avery: “Colorado oil and gas executives are crying foul over the environmental sustainability stance of outdoor apparel giant The North Face, accusing the oil industry’s downtown Denver neighbor of hypocrisy. The simmering corporate beef started after The North Face, owned by Denver-based VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC), in December rejected an order from Houston-based Innovex Downhole Solutions for 400 co-branded jackets that the hydraulic fracturing company sought to buy as presents for its employees.”   Read the full article here:

March 16, 2021

“Our American Stories”, Lee Habeeb, discusses The North Face’s refusal to sell jackets to Innovex and COGA’s response. “It started with a nice gesture. Adam Anderson, the CEO of Innovex Downhole Solutions, wanted to buy his employees a Christmas gift. So he ordered 400 North Face jackets and asked that their corporate logo be included. Then came the bad news. The North Face company would sell Innovex the jackets but wouldn’t include the energy company’s logo. The reason? Innovex was an oil and gas company, and it would be a bad thing for North Face’s public image to associate itself…


Moving Forward

Our Past

Liberty was founded in 2011 with the mission to build a different frac company. Liberty founders each bring over 20 years of technology thought leadership and operations excellence that have been powering the shale revolution from its beginnings in the late 1990s. We are dedicated to partnering with leading exploration and production companies to apply technology innovations and superior operations. From day one we have been committed to reducing our customers’ cost of producing a barrel of oil.

Our Future

Liberty will continue to place faith in our people and will invest in hiring, training and retaining the best and brightest individuals in our field. Building partnerships with our customers and understanding what drives their success is what sets Liberty apart… when they succeed, we succeed. We are excited to lead change in the industry and continue to make our customers stronger by building better wells faster, safer, and cleaner.