Technical Library

Powder Versus Slurry

April 20, 2020

Liberty’s Engineering Manager, Ben Poppel provides a quick rundown of powder vs. slurry fluid systems and what solution is right for the job.  

Tight Cluster Spacing

April 20, 2020

Looking for a quick overview on tight perf cluster spacing? Curious about how conductivity optimization should be performed? This video, featuring our Director of Technology, Mike Mayerhofer, has the answers!

Porosity and Permeability

April 17, 2020

Discover the concepts of porosity and permeability and how they relate to frac’ing in this educational video from Liberty’s VP of Engineering, Dr. Leen Weijers.

Well Watch

February 25, 2020

WellWatch brings off-pad well pressure and other data directly to the Liberty data van, where operators can use this information for more efficient frac-protects and minimize expensive clean-outs.

Liberty Quiet Fleet

February 14, 2020

Liberty invention for urban fracking reduces noise level more than 3X as compared to a conventional fleet.


February 14, 2020

Engineering Manager Ben Poppel discusses Liberty’s switch in product to improve chemical health and safety on location.

Inductively Coupled Plasma- Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)

February 13, 2020

Joel Siegel, Liberty’s Lab Director, explains the uses of our ICP-OES apparatus’. These machines test for elements in produced water that can cause formation damage on frac jobs.

Flowloop Testing

February 13, 2020

Liberty’s Lab Director, Joel Siegel, discusses the benefits of using Liberty’s Flowloops to test the effectiveness and cost saving potential of different chemicals used in frac fluids.

VorTeq Missile

February 13, 2020

Liberty’s President, Ron Gusek, explains how wear and tear on pumping equipment and iron on a frac location may be dramatically reduced through the use of an innovative missile design.

Using Neural Networks

February 13, 2020

Director of Technology, Mike Mayerhofer, talks about using neural networks to optimize completions in the Midland Basin.