Technical Library

The Next Generation of Fracturing Fleets, A Liberty ESG Evaluation

January 17, 2020

A new whitepaper from Roy Aune, Chris Wright, and Madison Hollaway that analyzes a parallel shift towards natural gas’ growing role in powering hydraulic fracturing fleets. In the electric power sector, the rise of natural gas has been displacing coal. In the frac fleet world, natural gas is displacing diesel either through dual fuel engine…

Green Select

December 20, 2019

Liberty Hazard Communications Specialist Anita Stelly explains how we use a chemical additive rating program based on Global Health Systems to help make greener selections as we continue to refine our fluid systems.

Liberty’s DFIT Services

December 20, 2019

A DFIT provides vital anchor points for Liberty’s frac design recommendations. Liberty’s Director of Technology Mike Mayerhofer explains why.

DFIT Analysis

December 20, 2019

Ever wondered about the Modified Mayerhofer analysis in a DFIT evaluation. Oracle Doctor Mayerhofer himself explains Liberty’s DFIT analysis strategy. y.

Regain Conductivity Testing

December 20, 2019

Lindsey Moore, Liberty Staff Engineer, reviews Liberty’s unsurpassed library of regained conductivity test (as conducted by PropTester), helping us to recommend and utilize fluid systems that minimize potential reservoir and frac damage.

Containerized Sand

December 20, 2019

Last-mile logistics solution that dramatically reduces dust and noise on a frac location, while also reducing truck traffic for more efficient delivery.

Bacteria Monitoring

December 20, 2019

Presence of bacteria can have a long-term impact on reservoir performance. Liberty Sr. Staff Engineer Kyle George explains that Liberty can monitor for bacteria during and after the job to minimize their impact and help our customers make the right choices for biocides.

Fracture Model Calibration

July 11, 2019

Liberty’s unique tech team background has always forcused on learning from direct fracture diagnostics. Fracture model calibration is the first step in understanding the economic impact of frac design changes.

Frac Fluid: A Quick Home Mixing Guide

July 11, 2019

A simple frac fluid with high viscosity can be made using a four commonly-used grocery-sourced materials.

Frac Initiation

July 11, 2019

Liberty’s Rock Doc and VP of Engineering, Dr. Leen Weijers, has three experiments to explain how fractures start to grow.