Technical Library

Sonic Strap System

July 11, 2019

An ultra-sonic measurement of fluid levels in tanks to more safely and accurately determine consumed chemical additive volumes during a frac job.


July 11, 2019

Liberty determines statistical production drivers and combines this with fracture treatment cost sensitivities to minimize our client’s production cost per barrel oil ($/BO)

Stepdown Test

July 11, 2019

A discussion of potential challenges in the “perfs open” calculation of the rate stepdown test.

Selecting Surfactants

July 11, 2019

Liberty’s surface and interfacial tension measurements on drill cutting can help select the most appropriate and economic surfactant for the job.

Screen-Out Assessment

July 11, 2019

Pre-job screen-out assessment and evaluation of stage injectivity during fracture treatments as driven by proximity to faults and MWD/lateral log properties.

Local Sand v. White Sand

July 11, 2019

Dr Mike Mayerhofer, Liberty’s Director of Technology, provides his data-driven perspective on the impact of Brown Sand vs White Sand on oil production in the Permian Basin

Frac Sequencing

July 11, 2019

Liberty’s modeling tools can help to maximize complexity and fracture surface area through the evaluation of various fracture treatment sequences in multi-well completions.

Clay Sensitivity Testing

July 11, 2019

A Liberty methodology to evaluate potential swelling clays and the appropriateness of a KCl-substitute.

Better Well Data

July 11, 2019

Liberty partners with oil & gas operators to incorporate their in-house completion data in LibertyMVA and Fraconomics to create value.

Tremendous Fracs in the Piceance

May 6, 2019

Black Hills Exploration and Production helped substantiate the USGS estimate by completing a number of 8,000- to 10,000-foot horizontal wells in the Niobrara Formation in the Piceance Basin in Colorado. The Niobrara Formation in the Piceance Basin is a 1,200 foot thick gas-producing pay-zone of complex rock properties. The exploration program had three major items to address: the optimal zone in which to land the horizontal wells; the proper orientation of the horizontal wellbore in that zone; and how to complete the horizontal wells effectively. Black Hills believes maximum production in the Niobrara will be achieved by optimizing hydraulic fracturing operations to create the largest quality reservoir contact.